Slider crops/disappears on mobile

Hi all!

I have a simple flex box with two divs – horizontal on web and vertical on mobile. One div contains a slider – which used to work perfectly well and would show up correctly, but now it either totally disappears, or theres a thin line/strip… can’t quite figure our what i’m doing wrong.

Here’s the view in the designer (how it should look) and in toggle preview.

Here’s the published page: Proof of People

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - MADtest03


hi @soulmonsta_art your issue is related to Your mask and background image. You have set mask height:80% but system doesn’t know of what 80% it should calculate. This will lead to issue with shrinking slider. When system doesn’t know height it will collapse to 0px.

Anyway there is many other issues and IMHO slider need more attention or better way will be rebuild it again (delete all classes and start again . If you would like to keep background images you can use aspect-ratio: 16/9 or similar as custom code to have slider responsive across viewports.

Another issue is with your slider images as they show as 0x0 size so they should be imported again. You can find more info on this forum as it is long term WF issue with imported images.

Good luck

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Yea i totally messed that one up (tbh need to re-build the whole site :upside_down_face:) it’s all kind a band aid solution for the next couple days.

Thank you so much for the answer!

I just wrote this out for another designer. Should be helpful with your slider:

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Thank you for the info! :slight_smile: yes, the fixed height on mobile works.