Slider animation/transition not working on mobile

Animations/transitions for changing slides in a Slider element don’t work on mobile for me. They work on desktop, and when I resize the window on desktop, they still work. But when I try the website from an iPhone (Safari, iOS 15), when I change the slide, it just jumps to the next one, without an animation.

I had changed some settings for this, so just to be sure, I also added a new carousel and tested the behaviour - it was the same as here, i.e. not working. Feels strange that this would be just broken, I’m not sure if I’m missing something.

Public share link (slider is near the bottom of the page)

Make sure that animations are enabled on the device. For this go to Settings->Display->Animations and select “All Animations”.
And don’t change many settings as they can cause further issues.

@svtj Did you find a solution for this problem yet? If not let’s put our heads together and figure something out, I am currently dealing with the same problem.

@rapheal_dowry I think Janek meant to say that he changed settings on the slider element inside his webflow project, not on his device. Even if changing settings on your device would solve it, it is something that cannot be expected by all users coming across the website - I believe it should work with the default IOS settings.


I quickly build a slider to test it out.
So apparently it’s a problem with Chrome mobile - works just fine on safari and firefox.