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Size vertical dimension to viewport

I’m trying to build a page with a nav bar on the left and a slider on the right. I’d like the slider (image with navigation below) to always be fully visible without scrolling. The width seems to scale to the viewport just fine. But on wide viewports, the slider is too tall - you have to scroll down to see the bottom of the image and the navigation.

I can successfully get the body and container to fit the window, but not the slider. Any ideas about how I might constrain its height when the window proportion becomes too wide to show the full image + navigation?

Most of my pages are set up as galleries.

Here’s the site:

Screenshot of how it should look:

Screenshot of how it looks on a wider screen:

it looks you’ve solved it?

You can use the unit VH too, it’s %age of the viewport. Type them in and Webflow will take it. Try a maw width of 80VH.

VW for the width.


Thanks Vincent, this is super helpful

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