Site Plan features not working

I just paid $18 for a site plan that I, (maybe wrongfully) assumed would allow me to export code.
When I try to get the code I’m not allowed by a prompt stating I need to update Workspace .

Any help appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Hi Jim, yep that’s a confusing one-
Site plans do not allow you to export code, only workspace plans do.

I’d contact support and see what they can do to help.

Thanks. ‘Confusing’ is a good word. I may prefer ‘misleading’ :frowning_face:

Publishing to MY domain isn’t working either. Publish indicates it IS published.
When I try and access my domain I get a ‘you don’t have permission to access’ message.
Checking the files on the host server (GoDaddy) shows NOTHING was entered.
Webflow U has a video wherein they claim a 3 step process when publishing to a GoDaddy domain.
I followed the video instructions exactly to no avail.

I find the pre-sales docs the most confusing part, but it is clearly stated in the first sentence in the actual feature docs. I trust those more for definitive answers. But totally agree that for something like this, it’s a limitation you would not anticipate. It’s important to contact support because when they see repeating problems like this, they do tend to rethink things eventually.

Is it this site you’re trying to publish?

It doesn’t appear to have a custom domain configured. But I can see very little. This might help.

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Thanks for the help.
That video is great - as are most WF U videos.
I just finished logged into my host (GODaddy) and discovered I misspelled a word .
Seems to be working now. At least the first time. :smiley:
OK to close!

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Great to hear :slight_smile:

Ha ha this is the community forum, so there are no support personnel or support tickets, but you can mark an answer here as the solution and it will mark your thread as solved.