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Sidebar Search for Blog

Hi there,

So I’m not really “showing off” considering SidneyOttelohe did all the work, but I just decided to share this as a solution for anyone who needs.

So I took Sidney’s Isotope Search & Filter and inserted into a side bar of a mock-up blog I made real quick (just to showcase the search).

The site is here and the project is here.

I am not much of a programmer, so although I am not using the filter function, it is still in the code as I don’t really want to toy around trying to remove it from the code. In order that the search section doesn’t reveal all the posts, I had to make a fixed height search result div and set the overflow to hidden. It isn’t perfect, but it works. I didn’t bother to design the tablet and phone sizes as it’s just a mock-up and I have other projects I need to work on.

My question now is how this would function on a site with thousands of blogs? It might crash… But I can’t say for sure!

Enjoy and send over some love to Sidney his awesome work!