Side / snappy scroll interaction

Hello everyone!

i´ve just seen this scroll interaction a lot of times, but can´t find any tutorial about, on how to realize that in webflow. Here you have a link on a cool website, which uses this kind of animation.

Sow basically when you scroll down, the headings on the left will stay bold, until you scroll to the next text.

Is this realizable? and if yes, how? :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hello @Luc_4,

So what are you trying to achieve is doable with position sticky. position sticky is already available on webflow. To achieve what you want to accomplish you will need a while-scroll animation combined with the sticky position. Look for a sticky position tutorial in youtube and you will find something to put you on the right track.

Can´t figure it out. Also my position sticky does´nt work for me at all, as it should be…:confused: Here´s the Link. Maybe you can have a look on that, i´d appreciate! You can find it on the Div “Side Scroll Project”.


Hello @Luc_4,

Something is not wright with your link is not working for me.