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Side navigation - MENU not scrolling on smaller devices (esp mobile landscape)


I have a little issue with the NAVIGATION on this site when viewed in MOBILE LANDSCAPE.

The MENU is not scrollable (which means you cant see - therefore navigate to all pages) For the life of me I can’t work out how to make it ‘scrollable’ so that the side menu moves up and down when on smaller devices so you can see all navigation pages?

Someone please help… LINK below

Thanks in advance.

Hi @sassisammi, here is a tutorial that may help: [TUTORIAL] Make mobile menu SCROLLABLE

Thanks so much. I tried to follow it but got the site all messed up! Total newbie…

I’ll keep trying - thought it would be easy. I"m a bit scared to delete the existing nav links and build new ones as they are original in the template and I’m sure I’ll mess it all up?