Show off how much you've progressed!

For throwback Thursday, reply with a link to one piece of work you did 5 years ago and one that you’ve done recently.

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Well…5 years ago…i’d managed content, but never made a site myself, so the first part: blank

In between time, ‘learn to code’ was seemingly everywhere, I tried a few ways, IDEs, looked at different platforms, then got hooked on Webflow - it just clicked, and even the code I learnt made more sense seeing it in ‘Webflow’ form :webflow_heart:

Fast forward, I made this in January 2018:


Ok, I’ll share! Let’s start with close to 10 years ago. I have this:

5 years ago, I made this:

And here’s something from the past year:

From designing in Wordpress exclusively, to mainly using a flat file CMS, to building almost exclusively in Webflow! Been a fun journey!

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