Show different product price and variants for different countries

In my store I want set different product price and variants for the different countries , For example
If customer select Canada at the top menu then product price will be.
If customer select USA then product price will be $19.

Also we want to show some different products to different countries.

For more details . please check this shopify store link:-
we want to move this store in the webflow.

Webflow ecom does not offer regional pricing, you’d need a separate ecom site for each region, and then some intelligent geoip redirects.

Another option is to keep the products and cart on shopify, and to integrate it into your Webflow site in such a way that you can show the correct product/pricing by region.

You’d have one Webflow site, a CMS full of products, a geoip script to determine their location, and then a bunch of custom code to show the correct variants for that location. This works but it’s a bit of a pain to keep the products and categories synched between the CMS and Shopify. I don’t recommend this for situations where the products change often, or you’ll be in for a lot of admin or automation work.