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Show clicked image on page in popup modal

Thanks @webdev ! This solve 1 of 2 things :grinning: The second is about images. I have to work in an online catalogue. I have a collection with products, placed in a div with a button. When a user clics on the button, it displays a popup. I want to show, in this modal, the image of the item clicked. Do you know if it’s possible? You can see what I’m trying to explain here:

Hi @Gerardo_Morales, since the question was unrelated to the original topic, I moved it to this new topic. It is best to keep topics “on topic”; helpful to other users with similar issues.

First consider if a lightbox can solve your issue. If not, then using custom code you could capture the click event on an item, add it a child HTML of the modal then display the modal.

I could go further, but I am quite busy at the moment. Other users may share alternatives.