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Show and hide Interation with multiple elements

I use IX2 to show/hide element in table.
Please watch the video of screen recording:
Yes, I know! It’s in Hebrew.
Anyway, see that bug there? When I click a Child Element, The Parent element interacts as well.
So, I did some trick, but of course it’s not a proper solution. It’s a BUG!

See, there are 3 columns with 2-3 rows in each, and each row have a hidden element.

There is a different class on each element

I’ve created one Parent Dummy Element (“more info wrapper MAIN”) and I’ve created a show/hide interaction for it.

Then I’ve applied that interaction to all Children Elements, changing a Parent to each Child accordingly
(See: more info wrapper MAIN -> more info wrapper 1-1)

Well, the bug is still here and when I click a Child Element, the Parent moved as well.
BUT! Since a Parent is Dummy, I made it hidden, so now it works!
But it’s not a good solution, anyway…

Check it out:

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