Should I be concerned...?

for some reason, I’ve been getting an alert from you guys today…
see attached.

Hi @scottbarbey, if the little green saved icon is green, then I wouldn’t worry about it, I get this alert occasionally and it doesn’t affect my site (it’s often coupled with a failed image upload or page duplication).

Webflow is a tool still being built and things like this should be ironed out pretty soon… the site looks great :smile:

Let me know if you need any more help :smile:



yeah… for whatever reason, its crapping out and going to RED RADAR. bummer.
Maybe just on that page… (aspca asap page)

I’ll hop to another page and try and do some work.
frustrating because I’m in final wrap-up mode… fixing sizing on smaller responsive stuff. Grrrr.
I’ll try and be patient for a day or so.

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Hi @scottbarbey

Sorry about the saving issue. :confused:

While I look into this issue, can you try using the Google Chrome browser?

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@PixelGeek I’m using chrome and I get the issue occasionally as well, it’s not a big deal as the site appears to save properly, just a bit disconcerting…

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