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Should I abbreviate my URLs?

Which url structure is more appropriate?
Regarding SEO friendly and User friendly.


So in the first example the url is more explicit.
And in the second example the url is shorter. (inspired by reddit’s url structure)

The part of the url that says hellokitty (used just for an example) is what really describes what will be at the url destination.

Personally I think it depends on what it will be used for. Are people going to need to copy and paste this URL? If so, I would go with the shorter version. If not, I would stay with the longer version as to explain more. Really in my opinion only the URL counts because in applications like Safari on iPhone and iMac, they really do only show the main URL. Unless you press the top to copy it users on Apple won’t see it. Just my opinion. I’m still learning SEO and what’s best and what’s not so don’t take my word for it. :wink::grinning: Hope this helps. :smiley:

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The longer version will help Google indexing and understanding the structure of your website better. So the decision is more easy, isn’t it? :smile: