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Share an image to instagram


I want to add a share button or share icon under a specific picture to be shared in an instagram story.
People can do it with a long tap on the image but I want to have a button under each pic.

Moreover, is it possible to create a “tap to copy” button. I have some text to insert and want that a user just click on a button and all the text ic copied and he can paste it.

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Lots of people dream about doing this. Instagram does not support it. That is why it is just a dream.

On your website with mobile phone, you can share an image on instagram just by taping on this image.
This is the reason why people are asking for the same things but with a button which can replicate this

Instagram made the decision to not support this except on mobile devices. Instagram is a mobile app.

I am sure that if enough of us complain to Instagram they will change the policy. :slight_smile:

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In this time instagram not support it. but you can use other way. To discuss anything about instagram you will ping us any time. Thanks!!

Numerous people want it, and many might have approached the Instagram support team, but it isn’t workable up till now. We can just hope that Instagram will support it.