Setting HTTP header fields


Is there any update or workaround to be able to set HTTP header fields? Very important security measures.

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If you self host you should be able to address these or you could explore using Cloudlare in front of your site. There are some issues when using Cloudflare, namely SSL certificate issue generation on Webflow hosting but I believe it does have the features. With Webflow you get what they currently support, no more.

Thank you for your response. Is there any documentation for using Cloudflare in front?

Also, I saw Webflow Enterprise supports custom SSL certificates now. Would this correct the issue with Cloudflare and SSL certificate generation?

From Cloudflare in general tons.

Probably since you would not have to deal with the lets encrypt certificate regeneration which has been an issue for other.

If you need consulting or dev help feel free to inquire via DM.

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