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Setting fixed card size

Hello! I am relatively new to Webflow. I purchased a template that I am working on modifying. On the categories page, I am trying to get the cards to be the same size so that it will have a nice clean look. It worked okay to get the three card across on the page, but I want the height to be the same for all of them. I feel like this should be simple, but I am struggling with it. Can anyone take a look and help?
Here is my site Read-Only:

Thank you in advance for being willing to take a peek!

Hey, @amber_christian Welcome to the webflow community, I see only one card please add the other two so that we can help and watch this video if you haven’t already you might get an idea on how to use flex to solve the issue.

hope it helps :peace_symbol:

Thanks Sachin! I wondered if only that one card would show up. I added a few more so you can see what I mean. Does this help?

I will also take a peek at the video so see if that give me fresh insights.

Hey, @amber_christian as it was taking time to understand your structure and their respective style It was easier for me to rebuild it from scratch so here is the video of the structure and the styles applied.

One small suggestion it is better to have a minimum text in the summary to make the cards look even better as flexbox items with same width and height is based on the tallest child.

hope it helps :peace_symbol:

This helps a lot- thank you so much!