Set a Vimeo Embed Vid on "autoplay" for mobile devices

Hi Friends, any one knows how to set a Vimeo Embed Vid on “autoplay” for mobile devices?
Apparently this is blocked

Here is my site Read-Only:

Jaime, did you search the forum? This topic comes up frequently with plenty of accurate responses.

Hi Jeff
I did and didnt find any accurate answer to it :slight_smile:

You might find the answer here on Vimeo’s support page =>Autoplay and loop embedded videos – Help Center.

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Thanks Jeff
But still there is no solution for the problem on “autoplay” embed videos on mobile devices :S

No one can reasonably debug an issue without knowing the device and OS version and plus browser that is having an issue, and the actual URL where the issue manifests itself on said device. A read-only to your project does not provide those details.

Note: If you are on an iPhone make sure it is fully charged and not plugged into power.