SEO Tweaks to CSS in Webflow - Properties that 'don't exist' according to CSS Validation tool

Hi all,

My client used a CSS Validation tool to check how SEO-friendly the code on his site is, and it resulted in some CSS errors found. I am not a code type person hahaha so I’m having a hard time answering why these are showing up and how to fix them.

Most of them have to do with properties that it’s saying don’t exist.

For example:

.w-widget-twitter-count-shim *
Error: Property pointer-events doesn’t exist : none

.w-webflow-badge, .w-webflow-badge *
Property font-smoothing doesn’t exist : auto

Property tap-highlight-color doesn’t exist : transparent

Here’s the link to the CSS Validation tool, with the results from the review of my client’s site (built in Webflow):

Can anyone help by explaining why these errors are showing and how/where I can go to correct them?

Thanks so much!