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Self-Created Lightbox not showing all of the images

Hey everyone! So, I’ve created my own Lightbox so that it can work using dynamic content on a template page. Basically, You can add up to 10 pictures to a “service” in the CMS, and they will be made into a Lightbox (really a div with a semitransparent background with a slider on it). I have one problem though.

I’m not sure why, but only the first picture shows up in the slider. The correct amount of slides are there, but none of the images show up. Any help would be great.

When you look at the site, look at either the “Civil services” or “Insulation Services” page (they are the only ones with photos for now). In the Designer, look under the “Services Template” page and choose Item: “Civil services” or “Insulation Services”.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Here is my live site link: Insulation Services or Civil Services

Hello, @Jacob_M_Harmon

The reason of your problem is the SLIDE settings. For keeping slider works properly you can’t change slides to display: flex, it should stay display: block

My suggestion:

  1. remove class from SLIDE element
  2. wrap image on each slide with the div and give it class “LighBoxSlide”
  3. add height=100% to the “LighBoxSlide” class


Thanks. I will do what you said and let you know if it works.

It worked! Thank you so much! Now, one more question. For some reason there is an extra slide showing up in the slider. I have 7 images uploaded in the CMS, and there are 8 slides showing up. I have each slide set to only be visible if the corresponding image is set. Thanks in advance for the help.

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I know this issue :confused:
Unfortunately, it will not possible to fix… I am sorry

Oh, I see. Another quick question. Is there a way to let them navigate the slider using the arrows on a keyboard?

It would require using custom jQuery code for control slider functionality. I don’t have such high skills in that so, can’t really provide any help in that :confused:

You can create a new topic with this question in the Category “Code Help” if this functionality is necessary.


Thanks. It will probably be okay without the functionality.

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