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Seeking strong Webflow designer to take over my freelance role

Hi there!

Last year I worked with a wonderful health industry entrepreneur in Vancouver, Canada to build her a brand-new website (incl. basic Shopify integration for sale of a single product, CMS for recipes and blog articles, Google Site Search, and a few other custom code integrations).

My client is now looking for support with a few things, for e.g.,:

  • Upgrading to Webflow’s new beta site search
  • Implementing Schema for the recipes CMS to make pinning on Pinterest better
  • Implementing new designs her designer is creating for the recipes template
  • Expanding on the current Shopify integration to implement more products and a proper “Store” section of the site
  • … more to come, I’m sure!

Unfortunately I no longer have the time to support this client, as the startup I work at is taking off. I’d love to be able to transition my client to someone with great Webflow experience and fantastic communication skills. Ideally within a few hours of Vancouver’s PST timezone, as well.

If you’re interested, please reply here or send me a message with any questions or wage expectations!



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Hello Ed,

I will love to work with your client, please find my details in your inbox and lets strike a conversation.

Best regards,
Scott W.

Hi Ed,

I would be interested in this.
You can reach me on

Best Wishes,

Thank you both for taking the time to get connected! I will be responding shortly.

For anyone else interested, don’t hesitate to reach out before this Friday. I’d like to connect with a several potential freelancers and make sure I find the best possible fit for the client.

Hi @edblnd,

I would be glad to work with your client. Sending you more information by private mail.

(402) 789 - 5590

Hi everyone. Thanks for the messages.

We’d love to get in touch with a few more independent freelancers who are open to helping out, so please don’t hesitate to message me!

I also updated my original post to include the URL of the site you’d be working on, for context!

Thanks so much,