Seeking a 3D Product Configurator

Hello everyone,

I’m in search of a 3D product configurator with augmented reality (A/R) capability on Webflow with a Shop System. My goal is to enable my clients to add modules onto each other, including onto existing modules, while adhering to conditions that prevent the addition of incompatible modules.

Specifically, I aim to provide my clients with the ability to visualize real-time modifications they make to their product through a 3D model.

The ideal process would be for the client to directly purchase the configuration they have created at the end of the customization.

I have explored some options already, but I’m facing a few technical challenges, particularly regarding the integration of 3D and augmented reality on Webflow, as well as implementing conditions to ensure module compatibility.

If anyone has worked on a similar project or has relevant resources to share, I would greatly appreciate your help and advice.

Thank you in advance for your assistance! Have a great day.

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