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Section height is not tall enough on mobile/overflowing text on mobile

I’m having an issue fitting all of the text into the about section of my site specifically in the mobile- profile layout. Can anyone help with that?

Another small issue is that the picture in the about section is cut off a bit at the bottom in both the desktop and tablet layouts. Would anyone be able to help with that as well?

Hey @​​​kristen.a.browne great question! Looks like you have a pixel set height on your “About Mobile” element. Just change that to Auto instead of 800px. :smiley:

Awesome, thank you!

Do you know how to fix the second part of my question as well? My feet are cut off in the photo in the about section in the desktop (editor view) and tablet layout. Don’t know whyyy…

The cover value will scale your image to fit the container height and width. You can increase the height of the div where you have your background image.

Hmm… I’m pretty clueless about all of this and unfortunately didn’t understand any of that haha. Could you translate that for me please?

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Another solution is to use VW measurements, with a background image given to a div you will never be sure how the image will look on different browser sizes and one solution to have it always look the same is either to use an image element, or have a div set to VW width and height, therefore always adapting to the screen size to have the image look perfect through out different sized browsers.

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