Section divider won't fill full width

At various device sizes, my section dividers won’t stretch to fill the full width available and instead leave ugly gaps on either side. This happens regardless of whether they’re background images or normal images.

Mobile example:

The divider in the hero also creates an overflow issue, but I can’t set the overflow to “hidden” because for some reason that makes the entire divider disappear.

I’d like the height of the image to responsively adjust, so I haven’t set a height value. I’ve tried setting the height to a higher %, but that breaks the design in other ways instead (creates gaps on the top and bottom).

I’m sure there’s something simple I’m missing, but I’ve been working on this problem for days and haven’t figured it out.

Here’s the Read-Only link: Webflow - Morgan Gale Portfolio

TIA! :pray:

Hey I can help you, contact me via LinkedIn I offer this for free for the community :v:

I’d like an answer here on this forum, I’m sure someone else will have the same question eventually and a public solution is important. Thank you though.

The problem is cause responsiveness, and overflows, so check them, also you can review Client-first to try to understand what I’m talking about

I encountered the exact same thing. Did you end up solving it @themorgangale ?