Section appears in preview but not on published website


There is a section that until recently was appearing correctly on my published website. On my website’s “Outreach” page, the “Additional Resources” section at the bottom no longer appears. However, it does show up properly in preview mode. No changes were made to this section recently. Rather, we added some information in the section above it.

There is a trigger attached to this section to have it slide in from the bottom when scrolled into view. Deleting this trigger does not fix the issue. FYI, I am not a website designer. I inherited this website from a designer and have been maintaining/updating it to the best of my ability for years.

Any advice/help is greatly appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only:

The actual website is, where you can see the section does not appear. This is true on desktop and mobile.

If you close the div you opened in the embed “html-embed-6” what happens?

I’m not really sure what that means, but I deleted the whole html-embed-6 element and now it’s working properly again. I don’t know why because I’ve had that element on the page and hidden for a long time without issue. Anyway, thank you!

Your embed code had a DIV that was not closed. </div> after the IFRAME. That was the issue.

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