Search results page not connecting to CMS

Hi all. I have tried to solve this myself but no joy.

I am using Greg Rog’s Webflow Advanced and CMS tutorial on Skillshare as part of my self-training.

I got Webflow to create 20 blog posts.

I got to the section where you build the Search Results page. The link for it is here.

When you use the search bar in the top menu, no matter for what search term, it doesn’t seem to look through the CMS’s blogs and comes out with seemingly placeholder type results

Could someone please please help and put me out of my misery? How do I get Webflow to see and display the results?

Thanks in advance.

PS The results seem to show on that Webflow preview page. But if you try it in standard mode at the site’s proper URL (, it comes out with the non-results again.