Search Results not working

Hi. My search doesn´t work, even in the designer search results page doesn´t show any results (I have CMS hosting). i’m doing anything wrong? Can anyone help me?

Your site has not been indexed according to your search settings.


Something’s is wrong, the last automatcally index was on monday, and i have done 3 manual indexing. The search settings on the read link is different from the settings on my design page.

Hi, @IMG!

Ben here with the Webflow Customer Support Team!

Can you share a specific item you’re searching for that won’t show? Also, your site is password protected. Can you DM me the password so I can take a look?


Tks Ben, i’ll DM you!

Hey, @IMG! Thanks for sharing that info via DM. I took a look and I’m seeing the same thing as you.

This is definitely odd behavior and I’ve reached out to the team and made them aware of this. They’re taking a look and as soon as we know more we’ll reach back out.

Thanks Ben, i’ll be waiting for your feedback.

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