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Search form in portfolio web site

hi I have a portfolio using maxitup I want to put search form
I don,t know how to do that

please advice to me

What is “maxitup”…?

are you referring to mixitup?

There are tutorials here

yes here is sample of files of web site please have a look

yes I have created portfolio but can,t create fiction to search

please have a look at sample of web site

Hello, that is not a Webflow website, plus the link is broken. Please provide the public share link of your project.

here is link

hi I have send new link to sample of site

did you see it?

I will not download anything.

Please upload your images here to the forum, or provide the public share link of your project.

$(function () {

	var filterList = {
		init: function () {
			// MixItUp plugin
			selectors: {
			  target: '.portfolio',
			  filter: '.filter'	
		  load: {
  		  filter: '.app'  

	// Run the show!

I want to create function to search inside my site

I know I have to do something in js file

hi did you see code of js file of maxitup that i sent before

hi where you are please answer

Hi @_kazahstan, what is wrong with the code? You did not explain your problem very well.

that code works by sorting and filtering but I want to create searh form and let search it

here is code of how maxitup works with search please have a look

and I want to it work it my site like this and I don,t know how to do that

hi did you see codepen?

do you know how to create search function>