Search bar autofocus doesn't seem to work

Hello all,

I’m trying to set autofocus on my search bar and it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve toggled it on and off multiple times (obviously publishing and refreshing the tab where I’m checking) and it just…doesn’t autofocus. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding something fundamental?

Here’s the read-only link: Webflow - Icelandic Made Easier

Opening your share link takes me to the project’s preview, and for me it seems to work. I’m on a Mac and in both Safari and Opera the focus is on the search field (I can start typing into it immediately).

I’m on a mac, too, tried it in preview and on the live site on Chrome and Safari and the autofocus never works for me. If it’s working for you, though, I guess it must be an issue with my computer, somehow…