Scrolling within container

How would I get scrolling within column or container like the Brand Services section of this site to use on any Webflow site? I’m still pretty new to the platform

Hello @mei, welcome to the community! That section is all about position sticky. You can clone the template, it is free, once you clone you will see the whole set up to achieve the scrolling within the column. Cloning projects you like is a great way to learn Webflow. I hope this helps!

Thank you for your response. Im looking to use that feature in other projects in conjunctions with other things. I’m more interested in learning how to achieve this outcome. I did attempt to copy and paste but I wasn’t successful in making it functional.

Hey @mei, I see what you are doing now. So, sticky position works when you have a container with position relative and a container inside with position sticky. The clonable you are using has the container with position of relative as the page wrapper, and probably you didn’t copy that element. What you have to do is to wrap the sticky element you copied from the clone and give the wrapping container a position of relative. I hope this helps!