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Scrolling to slider section adds extra white space to side of site

I am having an issue where, when I scroll to a certain section of my site, extra white space appears on the right side and pushes content to the left, overlapping with my menu (pinned on the left). My site is supposed to be 100% width, so not sure why this is happening.

This only happens when I scroll to my “Recent Work” section, which is a full-width slider, so I thought it might have something to do with that, but not sure. It’s also only happening on my live site, not the Webflow preview.

Here is the link to my live site:
And here is my public share link:

Hello, @dothedan

You need to set class “Page Div Main Content Wrapper” overflow: hidden, since you Have multiple contents flowing out from that divs.


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Perfect, thanks a bunch!

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