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Scrollify plugin doesn't work + pagination

Hi !

First I’m sorry if this is a subject that has already been discussed a lot before, I read and tried a lot of the solutions proposed here but none of them could work and I can’t figure out why…

I’m trying to implement the Scrollify plugin (or any another plugin that can help me achieving a “fullpage” scroll) but it doesn’t work… And I’d like it to match with the pagination I have (the numbers at the bottom of the page) : first “slide”, number 1 is active, second “slide”, number 2 is active,…

Here is my public share link: and the preview link :

Did I do something wrong ?
Thanks in advance for you time and a thousand sorry if this is the thousand time you answer this question…


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I could be wrong but it seems to me that fullpage.js is the way to go for a fullpage scroll. We’re a lot to have successfuly integrated it with our Webflow sites. On top of that, I think that the creator of fullpage.js comes here regularly now to provide help on his library usage.

I like your portfolio btw, simple and straight forward. And yes, it could benefit of a full page scroll.

Can you try to implement fullpage.js and come back here for more help and feedback?


Hey Vincent !

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: I tried with fullpage.js following this thread : Fullpage.js step by step set up but it still doesn’t work…

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Justine if you have the possibility to duplicate and transfer your project to me, I’ll try to integrate fullpage.js to it sometimes this weekend. Ping me on MP if you can and I’ll send you my Webflow account email for the transfer. I’d transfer the project back to you afterwards. I can’t do that on the read only project.

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Oh thanks a lot ! I send you an MP right now :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome, I have that project of lying down a clean example of the structure needed for fullpage.js to work, and I keep pushing that back, so that’s a good occasion to do it. There’s a question on fullpage scrolling almost everyday on the forum.

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Alors, essaie de créer des div nouveaux pour les sections. Et tu mets ton ancien div dedans. Le nouveau div n’a que 100vw et 100vh en settings et uniquement la classe section.

Hey @vincent I don’t know how to code and fullpage.js is intimidating to me (as a genuine no-coder) as it would appear interactions are disabled. It would seem using Scrollify would be the better option? I’m only asking as I’m using fullpage and the person helping me with the CSS is no longer available, and I want to ensure I don’t have to rely on a dev for code. It’s kind of why I chose to use Webflow in the first place. I guess what I am asking is, (in your opinion) is Scrollify a viable option to using fullpage.js or am I asking for trouble? Thank you - sorry if I hijacked the thread. . . figured it be ok as it’s about a year old :slight_smile: Thanks again!

I know fullpage.js is hacking the scroll and prevents Webflow IX triggers to fire. That’s why I very rarely use it. I can’t wait for Webflow to have a native fullpage scrolling solution.

I have never tried Scrollify. And I don’t write JS either. It is very possible that Scrollify hacks the scroll in the same way than fp.js. The way they achieve the page jump is by controlling the content of one unique container that is never scrolling in the body… hence the IX triggers never firing.