Scrollbar only on specific elements

I’m trying to have a scrollbar (or even, just the scrolling functionality without a scrollbar).
Problem is, scrollbars either show up in the element AND the entire page, or not at all.
I need the scrollbar to be exclusively inside the divs where I need one.



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Ok so…
First, thanks for replying!
I’ve managed to hide all scrollbars, however, that’s not what I want.
I want to show them in specific places and not in others.
Like I want to have a vertical one inside a div, but for no scrollbars to show on the page itself.

hi @GMRod when you set none for scroll bar on body it will IMO still show on overflow: scroll. This is not WF issue request but CSS so there will be many articles outside of this forum.
You can also set custom class eg. no-scrollbar and apply it only on places you need etc. etc.

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Wait, so if the custom class is NO scrollbar, I’d need to add it to everything I DON’T want a scrollbar on, right.
This would be incredibly inefficient, I want to do the opposite, just tell it which ones DO need a scrollbar.
Any way to do it this way?
Also the link you provided doesn’t seem to be working…

hi @GMRod as I do not know what will be major approach in my response was one example idea and there is nothing to stop you to do that opposite way if you need it. :man_shrugging:

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Amazing, thank you!
Much appreciated.