Scroll Glitch on Mobile Phone Rotation

Hi guys, looking to hire someone that can help me with this bug.

I’ve set up quite an ambitious scroll function on my site, using webflow interactions and scrollify.
It works a dream on desktop, but problems start to occur on mobile.

As you’ll see through the screen recording below, when I rotate my phone, the scroll position starts jumping around, which completely breaks the function of the website. This problem gets even worse when one of the pop up video tabs is opened.

On the recording, you’ll see the desired function of the site at the start as it stays in portrait mode, then see how it breaks down when the screen is rotated. The site also functions fine when the phone stays in landscape mode, so I think my break points are correct.

Screen recording (taken from google pixel pro 6 on Android):

Read only link:

The site address is:

Please let me know if anyone can help!

Thanks so much,