Scroll animations not working in review link

Good day,

I have scroll animations on my copy, but when I create a preview link and view it the animations doesn’t work, is this a bug or did i do something wrong?

here is the project:


I checked all the interactions on your page and everything seems to be working.

You can be little specific on which part is not working, you can also share screenshot or screen record.

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Thanks for checking, currently, it’s only this sections, the copy needs to come in from the sides, but currently its just static

Just to let you know your animation is working as I can see. But your implementation is not proper.

You’ve added While page scrolling interaction which will detect whole page for the interaction. In this situation you should apply While scrolling in view interaction on the parent section of those text, so animation will only starts when that section is in view. Check the screenshot below

Another issue with your interaction is that there should be only two actions for those animations; one for the start and another for the end. And unit for those values should also be same, in your project one has 100% and another has 0px, so it should be 100% and 0%.