Scroll animation too fast jumping percentage HELP!

I am currently trying to have it so when the site loads and you scroll it does the animation of the little guy getting “abducted” into the ship in the middle of the logo. So the two things I want to happen is 1. the logo “sticks” so it stay in place while 2. the abduction animation happens before continuing on where I’ll eventually have a parallax animation of a number of planets (i’m sure that’ll lead to another forum post in the future hah.) However when I’m trying to do the animation and I scroll just one click it jumps from 0 to 23% and it all just happens so fast before the site continues scrolling.

Additionally the site loads with all the assets of the animation in view when the guy in the ship should be opacity 0%

I am at such a loss any help would be SO appreciated!!!

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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