Scroll Animation loop issue


I included an automatically scrolling animation in my site. In the desktop and tablet version everything went fine. But suddenly the animation stops looping in the two mobile screensizes. The settings should be similar in every screensize, and when I preview the animation, the progressbar is still loading, but the animation stops after the first round.

I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong here, maybe someone can help me out.

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Okay I finally found the problem myself after many hours of despair. :smiley:

I still want to share this, if someone is in the same situation. Here is a picture of the animation settings:

When I created the third move animation at the end, I didn’t enter a specific value for the x axis, because it automatically is at 0. But you have to enter it manually, so that the value get’s noted by Webflow.

So put 0 in the x-axis, the automatic value is just a placeholder, and it won’t work like that.