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Script working on Sandbox but to on live site

I’m experiencing something really strange. I have added a cookie script to a website, that works great on the webflow domain (sandbox), but not on the live site. Its for a pop up and the cookie stops the pop up from showing again if you close the modul. is the site.

Have anyone experienced anything similar?

Here is the script if that helps.

<!-- Cookie Script START -->
<script src=""></script>
var cookieName = 'modalClosed';
if(typeof Cookies.get(cookieName) !== 'undefined') {
$('.modal-close-button, .modal-success-close-btn').on('click', function(){
Cookies.set(cookieName, 'ok', { expires: 365 });
<!-- Cookie Script END -->

Sharing your live site URL would allow others to look into your problem.

Sorry. Here it is!

The code is now in Google Tag Manager.