Scaling image in column

Hi Guys!

How can i make the image fit within the column? now when i slide it stays the same size… i want it to scale smaller when i slide to keep the aspect ratio.

this is my design with the problem: Screen capture - 04c901b61dc8c7f73ef9e8615aa01572 - Gyazo

Hope someone can help, thx in advance!

You’ll need to share a read only mate. We can’t guess at your site setup. Thanks

here is the link: [removed link]

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Try setting the image to contain and see if that is the result you are after


edit: nope! see next reply

i tried, still the same size. it needs to scale within the column but keep the aspect ratio

yep. ok So ensure the max width is 100% as well / or either … as per default for all images.

yeay that was the problem, Thanks it works now!

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