Safari makes transparency white

Hi webflowers,

Safari is currently causing some trouble on my site. My problem seems pretty simple, but it’s very frustrating. I’ve searched in the forum and tried different things, but nothing works.

So here we go:
When I try to make a section “transparent”, Safari will display it as “white”. Chrome and Firefox display the transparency perfectly, it’s only on Safari.

In my project it’s the “Section 4” on which I want to apply a gradient to transparency.
Here is the read only link:

I would highly appreciate your support.

Many thanks.
Best regards

@feli Can you fix your read-only link? Than we can have a look.

Sorry, here it is:

Hi @feli first of all you have a performance issue. U using pictures with 9000x9000px. :astonished:This makes your page very slow.

But what is the fix for the Safari transparency issue?