RSS Feed pointing to (and linking from) subdomain

Hey all,

I’m having a problem with my RSS feed. I’m using the Webflow Pages plugin for Wordpress, and my website is rendered at

However, to remove the “made in Webflow” badge from a site using that plugin, you have to connect a subdomain to Webflow. So I’ve done that and created, connected it via the Webflow Hosts panel and the badge on disappeared.

My problem is this: All my RSS feeds are now pointing to that subdomain (which I’m not using). Like so: and all links in the RSS feed also point to, not The url needs to be the latter, or else it breaks my google indexing, google news implementations, my RSS feed bots and the Disqus comment fields in the links.

I can’t connect Webflow directly to www since I’m hosting the site myself. None of the Wordpress plugins fetches the Webflow RSS feeds, and even if they did it would still be the wrong URLs.

Anyone know how to fix this?