Rounded corners for Youtube videos


Is there a way to make Youtube videos have rounded corners?
Also is there a way to remove all the icons on the Youtube videos except for the play button by default?

Appreciate the help!

Hello @rhami

This article explains a lot about the new component for YouTube videos:

if you want to add round corners to your video:

  1. Add a div block to your project and give it a class
  2. Add a video element into it
  3. Set the overflow setting of that div block to hidden
  4. Add radius to your div block element

After this you should be good to go.


Awesome thanks! Any clue if I can remove those icons that show up on the video by defult (other than the play button)?

Which icons exactly?

Thank you buddy for the details. Glad to kow about this rounded corners.

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For example, the Share button in the top-right of the video or the username in the top-left

In the editor and after publishing on desktop, everything follows the instructions, but in mobile page video still has no radius

Thanks a lot @aaronocampo , it worked like a charm!

I’m having the same issue. the video looks great on desktop but not on mobile.

Hi simplyumedia, can you please update your post and provide a read-only link to your Webflow project so we can take a look. Instructions are here. Thanks!