Rotation on click (How to reset) *I need help*

Hey there,

I am really struggling to perform a rotation on click animation. Simply put i would like the element when clicked to rotate 360 in one direction every time the user clicks on that specific element.

So far i have managed to get it to work every click but it bounces between the two positions. So it goes 360 degrees one way then 360 back the other.

I’ve tried to digest multiple explanation’s none in reference to this specific animation but with what seems to be the same fundamental principle that being

“Inside your click interaction and right after the 360deg spin, you should just need to add another key frame that spins it back to 0 degrees. That key frame can last 0 seconds so the user doesn’t see it happen, but that will return the object to where it needs to be for the next click”

If someone out there can explain this to me in baby terms id be for ever great full! (pictures help)

shout out to T-tricks for responding to me! awesome YouTube channel

Thanks, Peace :slight_smile:

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