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Rotating Background Image Within Div

Hi Is there any way to rotate the background image within a div directly in Webflow’s designer?

The reason being I am looking to have a diamond with rounded corners as an image mask. I have added rounded corners to the div, rotated it 45 degrees and added a background image, this also rotates the background image which I don’t want. I want the image to be 0 degrees.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Hi @scottalexwatson You cannot rotate background image, but you can add a new image inside the div block with position: absolute.

Make sure your div block is position: relative:

and rotate this image too (-45):

And then you can adjust size and margins to fit the image on this div block.

I don’t know if is not better to use just an image manipulated on photoshop, because if you add some content inside this block will be rotated too.

I hope it helps you :wink:

Eve Kayser

Hi Eve,

This works perfect. Thanks so much!

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