ROS Advertising Options through Webflow

I have a client that wants to be able to display ads on their website. That’s not the tough part. What they want is that the ads rotate/change as the viewer goes to different pages. Say for instance, there is a leaderboard ad above the hero section. When the viewer returns to the page, they would like there to be another ad instead of the same one. Any ideas on how to execute?

Hello @chrisgreer33

You can create a set of ads in the CMS and make a modal pop that shows only one and sort it randomly.

Create your list on CMS items (ads), position it where ever you want and show just one item at a time:

Start at: None and Limit to: 1

Then sort the order as random:

So every time you go to that page it’l show a different ad randomly.

Hope this helps.


Brilliant @aaroncampo. I’ll give that a try.

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