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Rook Show and Hide Menu on Hover like (JS?)

Hello, I am new to this show hide thing… I have a website I’m trying to replicate the functionality of Upon inspecting the website I see that it utilizes JS and Collection Lists which I intend to get to I am just not sure if there is something I am missing, and easier way to do this etc. I am under the suspicion that I would end up needing to use JavaScript or one of its counterparts.

My main issues are that I don’t know how to keep the menu open after I hover out of the button, and that the menus end up stacking when I want one to go away with the next is activated. I also want to extend this hover functionality into the menu that shows upon hover. I also want one menu to go away when I hover on the next option.

To convey this more simply it would be easier to view the example

I know I am in over my head but sometimes that’s the only way you ever learn. I have much more to learn about javascript along with its implementation within webflow or after exporting.

If anyone can help clarify these issues for me that would be AMAZING!!!


Hi there Michael! There are tons of topics about this in the forum. I suggest you search it a little bit around the forum, I’m sure you’ll find the answers your looking for :wink:

Thank you, but I can’t find anything that helps.

Does anyone have a link?

I’ve resorted to trying the dropdown component but now when I check the box open on hover it doesn’t work on hover only on click.