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Right sticky sidebar works in preview, but not in staging

I created a sticky sidebar on my portfolio page, it works perfectly in preview but not when published. I don’t have overflow: hidden setting anywhere and I’m a little stumped. I found this page that had the same issue as mine but didn’t work for me: Sticky sidebar works on preview, but not when published?

I would really appreciate some help with this. Sorry in advance if its something silly I keep missing.
here’s my read-only link → Webflow - Reuel Jones

Hi @rjgraphics and Welcome to WF forum. The issue is related to your Grid setting, if you specify Grid Areas all will work as expected. There is another approach with use of Flex that is IMO better solution for this sticky element scenario. I have done short video where I demonstrate How to fix your setting and also how it can be done with Flex. Hope that will help.

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