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Right float issue in navbar


I’m trying to change my navbar so that the navlinks and orange button (see my share link below) are pushed over to the right next to the Apply in 60 Seconds blurb. I’ve applied float right to the navmenu class but the problem is the links and orange button then swap places with the apply in 60 seconds text (also floated right). I want the Apply In 60 seconds text to be the furthest element on the right.

Can anyone advise me where I’m going wrong please.

Many thanks


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @GrahamCox, thanks for the read-only link to your site. I would try to put the phone div inside of the nav menu. Give each of your elements in the Nav Menu div float left and display inline block. Add 25 px to your phone div and change the Nav Menu top margin from 25 to 5 px.

Then select your Nav Menu and apply a float right. Try that, does that help? You already have a 25px right margin on the Phone div, so there will be at least 25 px right margin between the phone div and the right edge of the Container that is parent to the Nav Menu.


Thanks very much for the detailed reply. I’ll give that a whirl and let you know how it goes.


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