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Rich Text image clickable image side-by


I’m having trouble in my project images to be clickable for people to click on the image in rich text format in CMS. Also, is there a way to have images side by side? I’m a beginner in CMS, but any advise or feedback will be helpful.

Thank you in advance!
Jose Ortega

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There’s not so much you can do with images in RT fields. For example, you can’t expect to click an image for it to open in a larger size, or to put a link on an image. However, you can add a caption to any image and add links to the caption.

having 2 images side by side, while not completely impossible, requires hacking a bit the RT element with custom code, and that makes it quite difficult to use, with strict rules, after that.

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Have you tried clicking on the tool icon ?

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To have images side by side you’d need to make your RTE 2 columns and then add custom CSS to have specific image layouts make a column break. You can use the break-after:column; property :

I hope that helps (but I guess it still is far from a codeless answer :slight_smile: )