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Reverse the auto-play direction of the slider?

Hi there - I hope this is in the right section. Okay, so very simply I’d like the Auto-Play direction of the slider to be left-to-right rather than the default right-to-left. Is it possible to change this? I couldn’t see anything in the settings.

Thank you!

Are you talking about the direction of the slide animation or the order of the slides themselves?

Either way I don’t believe there’s a way to do it natively, however someone may be able to chime in with some custom code that will override the default behavior of the slider element.

Outside of modifying the default slider element, you could also look into incorporating a custom slider like Slick or SwiperJS which will both give you a bit more control—but require some setup to get going.

I mean the direction of the slide animation. I want the slides to move to the right rather than to the left. I hope that makes sense. For example, slide 2 will be the left of slide 1 which will move to the right to reveal slide 2.