Retina graphics

Good afternoon. Tell me how to optimize graphics in webp format for retina? Can this be implemented in webflow? The client wants me to do this, but I have no idea how?
(sorry for my English:)

Webflow does not currently support this format type, Wedp.

Ах ты ж ёперный театр… Can’t you do it for retina too?

HiDPI : When checked, this setting will set your image at half it’s pixel width. So an image that’s 600px wide, will be displayed at 300px. This pixel density will ensure the image looks great on most mobile devices that have HiDPI displays.

Thanks! In ordinary photographs, I found where to put a tick. And if the images are displayed from the CMS, then where to check the box? I do not see. Sorry for the stupid questions. It’s just that I just started to figure it out.

View this lesson in the university.

For photos that are simply inserted in the right place, there are no questions. I do not understand where to put a tick exactly through cms if you download.

I don’t know where to look ((

Hint: Inside a collection list or collection template. Properties of an image.

Sorry to torture you with questions. I realized that when you choose a photo, you have to set HiDPI right away. And only then select an item from the collection. Otherwise, HiDPI is simply hidden. Thank you so much!